The Practical Girl’s Guide To Growing Up

Savvy Menstrual Conversations for Young Women from Grade 6 - Matric

MENSTRUATION – many girls shudder at the thought. They hate “that time of the month” and they believe it’s supposed to be painful, annoying and messy.

I CHANGE THAT! I have fun and interactive conversations with girls where we discuss the cyclical nature of our awesome bodies. We have conversations about the importance of menstruation and everything around how, why and when. I create a positive menstrual culture at schools by teaching them how to prepare for menstruation, body literacy, menstrual management and self-care as a natural and easy part of a girl’s life.

I have designed my unique, educational programme to support the development of self-awareness, self-respect and resilience of young women in South Africa.

I Teach Girls:

  • What a healthy menstrual cycle is.
  • How to know when their menstruation will start.
  • How to pick up potential health problems.
  • The importance of using organic, biodegradable and sustainable sanitary products.
  • How to chart their menstrual cycle to build confidence in their body and understand how it truly functions.
  • Specific, age-appropriate information that continually builds on previous information, so they’re given information they can understand at the right time.

Sex Education for Both Boys and Girls
Education leads to empowerment. When we teach both boys and girls that the key to pregnancy is ovulation, we put the power into their hands. If we educate our youth to make responsible decisions about engaging in sexual practices, we give them responsibility. This is how we keep them safe, and reduce teenage pregnancies.

Educating Our Parents and Teachers

When mothers and teachers learn to appreciate their menstruation, they can pass their positive experiences on to the girls in their lives. I believe it’s very important to educate our parents and teachers about the different, hormone-free methods of birth control that are available.

Why Invite Me Into Your School?

  • I am the only trained Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner in South Africa, and I talk to women on a daily basis about their menstrual cycles. I know what information we women need to pass on to our daughters.
  • I am a mom. I know how to educate our girls about menstruation and how to provide them with the information a young woman has the right to know about her
  • I am an athlete. I know how to provide practical information to girls about menstruation and sports.