Becoming Pregnant Naturally

I provide a more successful alternative option to IVF for couples with fertility problems.

If you have been battling to become pregnant

  • Choose an option that empowers you and teaches you about your body
  • Heals your body
  • Work with a highly accredited international practitioner who has had clients from all over the world
  • Works online with people everywhere in the comfort of your own home.
  • Has higher success than IVF
  • Treats you as a woman, and provides caring environment

This is the journey I will walk with you.

Becoming Pregnant

So this is why you are going to listen to me about conceiving. I am different to all other fertility clinics out there. I treat you, your body and your relationship with respect. I show you how awesome your body is and how it has not failed you or your relationship.

In this world of convenience, we believe that we should get what we want when we want it. However, have you thought that because you didn’t want to fall pregnant for many years, and used hormonal contraception, you may have altered your whole body, which can affect your body’s ability to fall pregnant? Do you know why you’re not getting pregnant?

If you don’t fall pregnant after a month of trying, you start to worry.

You go and buy an ovulation predictor test and test every day to see if you are ovulating. Or you download an app and you wait for the PING of your phone to say: “Have Sex!” Sex is not mechanical – yes you need to have a baby, but come on, make it fun!

So how am I different to other practitioners: I work with you as a couple. I teach you how to chart your cycle to optimise your chances of becoming pregnant and to identify when your menstrual cycle is healthy enough for you to conceive. I look at diet, at supplementation and at lifestyle, environmental and emotional aspects to make this journey fun, exciting and life changing.

It is because I work with the physiological systems of the body, the mental sides of pregnancy and the emotional journeys that my success rate is higher than IVF.

If you have been battling to fall pregnant, this is the journey you want to walk. This is the journey I will walk with you.