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Falling Pregnant Naturally

When any couple gets to that point in their relationship when they decide: We ready to make a family. It’s exciting. The women comes of her chosen method of birth control and sex is just awesome. Sex with your partner just feels like a different kind of experience. Then you get your period. Your heart

2017: A year of new beginnings

There wasn’t a person I came across last year who said: “Wow, 2016 was a fantastic year!” It seemed many people struggled through this one. However, when you look at it from a different perspective and try to understand the bigger picture, it can give you a sense of peace. I was one of those

That’s all folks

2016 has been a rough, tough year for many people it seems. On one side of the spectrum it feels like the year has blown past quicker than the hurricane that hit JHB earlier this year while on the other side it feels like it has been an emotional year for many, financially people are