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My mission is to empower and educate women about their reproductive health, with a special focus on fertility awareness, assisting with reproductive health problems and natural birth control. Whatever your goals and intentions, I will work with you.

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As the only qualified Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner (HRHP) in Africa, I am internationally accredited, with clients all over the world. I am trained to work with women in all areas of reproductive health. including:

  • All natural and artificial methods of contraception In-depth understanding of your menstrual cycle events indicating fertility and infertility
  • Education and guidance for women and couples on how to use the Justisse Method when avoiding or achieving pregnancy
  • Tracking a woman’s menstrual cycle for health reasons and advising on making decisions to improve their menstrual health.

Many reproductive health and menstrual cycle problems can be addressed safely and naturally with changes in diet and lifestyle, and/or naturopathic or complementary medical treatment.

An educator certified by the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals (AFAP) has successfully completed a rigorous training process that typically takes two years to complete. So you can be confident that the instructor is a highly qualified professional.

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